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What’s involved in working towards ISO14001

The process involves looking at the company and how much impact it has on the Environment. For example we look at the level of the different types of pollution. These include air, water, land, noise and light pollution. We also look at the use of natural resources such as minerals, energy and water.

The aim is to assess/measure those areas of greatest impact on the environment and to then agree quantifiable reduction targets for the highest level of impact, Companies then have demonstrate how they are reacting to data recorded against these targets plus regular reviews of the targets and overall impact assessments.

We look how, in the case of a manufacturing company, the company deals with its wastage such as scrap and rejects. When supplies are received in packaging how is the waste packaging materials handled. When electronic equipment is replaced what does the company do with the old equipment, Are the buildings insulated to the latest standards to reduce heat loss and hence reduce the energy used on the heating systems; are all light sources using low energy lighting such as LED.

For businesses that supply services to customers we look at reducing car and delivery van journeys by planning delivery schedules to reduce mileage travelled. Now the impact of home working on the need to heat and light office buildings plus the reduction in fuel consumption resulting from fewer journeys to work will benefit the environment.

it is highly likely that companies, who have achieved ISO14001 certification,will be more able to achieve approved supplier status with organisations that require completion of a prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) as part of the Tender process..

companies who would like to achieve ISO14001 certification can contact us at 07769614021 or phil@philbrownconsultancy.co.uk.


Phil Brown Consultancy

Is your business expanding and do you need assistance to achieve UKAS certification to ISO9001 and/or ISO14001? We have more than 20 years experience providing management systems for these Standards; we audit these systems and co-ordinate the management reviews. We arrange certification with a UKAS registered company and provide ongoing support for the Standards.
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