Visitor Feedback

We like to ask our visitors about their experiences with our group to help future visitors understand more about our group before visiting us. See a round-up of our feedback below…

I was most impressed with the friendly informal atmosphere. It is clear that the group is very supportive and are willing to work for each other. I felt most welcome and look forward to hopefully attending more meetings.

Martin Hanney (now a member)

Aspenify UK

I had a great time and met lots of committed and friendly business men and women.

Inge Hill

I’ve been to a few breakfast groups, and this is the first one I’ve found to be an engaging experience where I can see the real value of joining.

Stephen Johnson

Business Rhythms Ltd

A very friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a solid business theme throughout.

Doug Jackson

Very warm, inviting group. I have met a lot of interesting people.

Kelly Scott

Arrivista Action Coach

…..been to various other network meetings and usually been left to try to break into the cliques that have developed… I was introduced to various people and others came up and introduced themselves. People were friendly. A breath of fresh air! Also, I came away with referrals.

Marie Sever

Business Skills Stourbridge College

Wide variety of businesses and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Charlotte Leigh

Clover HR

A vast diversity of businesses and people which can only lead to good networking opportunities.

Julia Bouston

Clutter Control

What impressed me was the general friendliness and the format of the meeting.

Andy Sharratt

Smart Auto Body Coat

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