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We are one of the longest-standing networking groups in the Wyre Forest & Worcestershire area. Find out more about the group and how we got to where we are today!

Next Meeting & Featured Presentations

Here is a calendar of our upcoming meetings & presentations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and local restrictions, some meetings may be moved online via Zoom, however most of our in-person meetings fall on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.

If you wish to attend, please send an email to info@svbg.co.uk who can advise further about this! If you would like to learn more about our meeting timings & format, please click here.

2022 Meetings & Presentations

January 2022

7th: Group Presentation or Discussion
21st: Paul Marshall presents

February 2022

4th: Stavros Michaelides presents
18th: Group Presentation or Discussion

March 2022

4th: Colin Noble presents
18th: Clive Ankers Presents “When does a Mishap become a disaster”

April 2022

8th: Paul Duriez presents
Thursday 21st: Evening Meeting

May 2022

6th: John Russel presents “Everything you wanted to ask a Pilot but were afraid to ask the cabin crew”
20th: Richard Ashmore presents

June 2022

3rd: David Chill presents
17th: Group Presentation or Discussion

July 2022

1st: Martin Hanney presents
15th: June Williamson presents

August 2022

5th: Phil Brown presents
19th: Group 1-2-1 session

September 2022

2nd: Chris Milne presents
16th: Paul Marshall presents

October 2022

7th: Dan Barnes presents
21st: Evening Meeting

November 2022

4th: Gemma Taylor Robinson presents
18th: Stavros Michaelides presents

December 2022

2nd: Adrienne Potter presents
16th: Group Christmas Party & Quiz

2023 Meetings & Presentations

January 2023

6th: Group Presentation or Discussion
20th: Michael Doolin / Ambi presents

February 2023

3rd: Neb Shewayish presents
17th: Andrew Baker / Jo presents

March 2023

3rd: Group 1-2-1 session
17th: Neill Hall presents

April 2023

7th: Bill White presents “Half a century of Horticulture”
21st: TBC

May 2023

5th: TBC
19th: TBC

June 2023

2nd: TBC
16th: TBC

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