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The benefits of working with youth

There is a lot to be said for experience. Every business will benefit from the knowledge that its senior members of staff can call upon in times of need. As an international software company we are no exception. Lessons learned plays a key role in our day to day decision making but to rely on this alone is a best foolish.

We pride ourselves on our innovation at Aspenify, but we are, to be honest, above the median working age. To compensate we began our trainee programme in the summer of 2020, both here in the UK and in the USA. Not all businesses are able to offer this capability at the moment but we have a remote working culture. It began with short term work experience placements and grew into internships lasting up to 6 months, mainly in the US.

The benefits were immediate. We were challenged in our way of thinking and new ideas began to spring up in our discussion sessions. Our students look at the world differently and are our customers of tomorrow. It is important in software to not only deliver solutions that meets today’s needs but tomorrow’s as well.

I thoroughly recommend this approach wanting to have a fresh look at their business. The student gains that critical real life experience that they can’t get at University or college. They also pick up early work habits and add to their CV , making them attractive to future employers. The employer can keep up with trends and broaden the scope of your tribal knowledge.


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In today’s world, people need new ways to collaborate and innovate. It is vital to stay in control, be proactive rather than reactive, make the best use of your business knowledge, and improve your revenue opportunities. With our software technology (iplaybooks™), this is not a Wish list, it is a reality.
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