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The benefits for companies who achieve ISO9001

Almost all my 30+ clients for whom I provided assistance to achieving ISO9001 Certification have recognised the benefits of having the management systems in place. These include;-

1) being much better at establishing the correct customer rquirements for products or services

2) more effective planning for manufacturing the specified product or providing the required service

3) reducing the supply of incorrect or unsuitable goods from suppliers by only using suppliers who have been assessed and approved as a suitable supplier before placing orders with them

4) reducing the cost of in process scrap and rejected products and hence much improved on time delivery performance.

5) fewer customer complaints and, by identifying the root causes of the complaints, a reduction in similar complaints being reported again.

All these benefits help businesses to improve their bottom line and also gain the trust of their customers that the products/services will be delivered on time and as specified on the order.


Phil Brown Consultancy

Is your business expanding and do you need assistance to achieve UKAS certification to ISO9001 and/or ISO14001? We have more than 20 years experience providing management systems for these Standards; we audit these systems and co-ordinate the management reviews. We arrange certification with a UKAS registered company and provide ongoing support for the Standards.
Telephone: 07769 614021 Email: philbrown@svbg.co.uk


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