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Due to the fact that the Group is currently interacting online rather than meeting twice monthly due to the guidelines being given by the UK Government about Social Distancing, this page allows members to share ‘wants’ and ‘offers’ that would normally be shared during our breakfast 60 Seconds.

The simplest way to do so will be to comment on this page (and subsequent comments) and comments have been specifically enabled on this page only.

Just a side note, we could end up with some non-members trying to post here, but if you notice such comments let the administrators know and we can take them down.


This person is no longer part of our group, however we wanted to keep their blog post available for you to read.

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  1. AnchorHandS

    Hi All
    One of the areas where i can work entirely remotely is providing the necessary management structure to obtain accreditation from one of the various organisations, accordingly if you know of any jobbing tradespeople (Plumber, Sparky, Chippy, Builder etc.) that wants help in formalising their systems in order to get the accreditation and maybe assistance in filling in their online application, then please point them in my direction.
    Cheers in advance

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