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Working with an Investment Manager

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My recent presentation that I gave in February was undertaken with the aim of providing some advice to members of Severn Valley Business Group in regard to the markets and to investing in stocks and shares in general.  Whilst markets have moved on, possibly for the worse, the advice still remains as relevant as ever.

Most people in the UK will be affected by the ups and downs of stock markets to a lesser or greater degree primarily through their pensions or the companies that they work for.  It is more important than ever that we all understand how markets might react to events such as Brexit and more recently to the horrendous nerve agent poisoning as well as the developing trade war between China and USA.  Simply put the value of an individual share of a company could fail as we have seen with Carillion or more recently with Facebook or benefited hugely like Fevertree (the tonic maker).

My presentation as seen by opening the link below goes some way to providing some information about who I work for and what I do.  Regardless of whether anyone is interested in using me as their investment manager it should be obvious that taking financial advice given the current climate is as important as ever.

Please feel free to call me on my mobile 07711 710 628 or send an email to me at if you or someone you know would like to talk about investments or the markets.

Let’s hope that ‘the Beast from the East III’ is mild over the weekend?  Happy Easter.

Working with an Investment Manager – SVBG – 16 February 2018


forumI think most people know how I feel about Blogs and they can be likened to ‘Marmite’, you either love them or hate them, as came out in the recent presentation on them.

The second part of the presentation on using Forums to promote our businesses perhaps fell on more receptive ears, so what about them?

The general consensus is that most people end up on forums because they have a problem, if the members of the forum come across as both knowledgeable and helpful, we tend to follow them more often whilst we have need for their expertise. But it is worth just being associated with those that touch on our own areas of business.

Because we lend to property investors I actively follow two forums, Property Tribes and Landlord Zone, aiming to answer as many finance based questions as arise, not to promote my business as many don’t allow that, but if they do, a judicious forum ‘signature’ with a link to my website can do no harm. As far as both of those forums are concerned they also cover other ‘questions’ outside of my level of expertise and on at least 4 occasions I have been able to promote other SVBG members as a specialist who could help the poster.

It is all about building a reputation as someone who has the answers, or maybe just knows someone who does, and last year just being around these two earned us over £2k in fees, so worth a bit of forum lurking!

Why not try for yourself, as long as you go in with a giving rather than a receiving mindset and associate with those that could benefit your business further down the road, after all Facebook is just a forum, and look how many people use that!


A Degree of Marketing.

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If you missed the amazing presentation entitled ‘A Degree of Marketing’ on Friday 12th August 2011, don’t worry. You can simply click on the link below and spin through the slides as many times as you wish.

A Degree of Marketing

marketing2win takes a common sense approach to marketing your business, creating Profit from Marketing and a return on your investment. An initial discussion will cost you nothing but the benefits could be invaluable.

To find out how you can increase your revenue, be more profitable or encourage your clients to buy more, contact James Williams on 07837 568411 or visit



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