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Does your Web Site pass the HICCUP test?

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First things first, there is an alternative spelling of this word but this one is the only way this acrostic will work. Secondly, marketers are prone to dreaming up catchy phrases on a Friday afternoon, but honestly this one is really quite useful.

So, does your web site or indeed any of your promotional material pass the HICCUP test?

H is for Honesty. Does your content mislead, even unintentionally or can you substantiate your claims?

I is for Informative. Does the text tell the reader how they will benefit from dealing with you and what they need to know to help them make a decision about you? This is not the same as telling them what you think they ought to know.

C is for Concise. Your prospects want to get to the nitty-gritty straight away and not beat about the bush. If they want a novel, they will read a book. Enough said?

C, yes another C, is for Confidence. We like to deal with people we trust. Avoid making rash promises you cannot keep. Promise only what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.

U is for User Friendly. Is the navigation of your website intuitive or do you need a SatNav? Does your eye flow easily over your brochure? Are your strongest propositions in the hotspots or do you need a map to locate them?

And finally P, for Proactive. Now you have told your prospect just how great your product or service is and how they will benefit, do you tell them what they need to do next?

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