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New Family Law – at a standstill

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Parliament’s website has confirmed that the dissolution of parliament and the forthcoming election means that the long awaited Domestic Abuse Bill and the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill will not be progressed at this time, leading to substantial delays before reform is considered again by the next government.


Family Mediation – How can it help you?

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What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a widely used form of negotiation between two parties who would benefit from assistance when discussing the terms of their separation, finances and arrangements relating to their children.

The family mediator is an independent, trained professional encompassing the skills required to help the parties when one or both parties may be finding things difficult, or emotionally charged. It offers a flexible and dynamic approach to resolving any issues resulting from a separation.

Family mediation, however, is not limited to the separating couple it is also a highly successful form of negotiation for grandparents and step-parents for example.

Fundamentally, the mediator remains completely neutral during the process, they can offer no advice but solutions and explanations when it comes to each party’s view point, allowing each of them a voice.

Mediation can also be effective when each party is supported by solicitors who they can consult for advice in between sessions.

The advantages of mediation can be colossal in comparison to court proceedings, this is why mediation should be seriously considered as an option to resolving any disputes:-

  • There is less animosity, the process can be less stressful
  • The process can be less upsetting for families and less impacting on any children involved.
  • The process is quicker, less expensive, less protracted and friendlier for the parties if they are willing to engage.

Our trained Family Mediator Louise Martin, can assist parties in the mediation process, please contact Sharon our Mediation Co-Ordinator for more information or to arrange an appointment. Please do get in touch to discuss how mediation can help you.

By Kim Mapperson, Solicitor

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Are you looking for help during your divorce?

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A divorce can be amicable and can run smoothly if handled with a measure of understanding and an insightful and thorough approach during what can be a difficult time, and in sensitive circumstances. Here is some basic guidance on things to do:

  • Engage in mediation

Mediation can be a quick, affordable and client-led method of conflict resolution, addressing the personal, sensitive matters that arise from your separation. The Family Mediator is an impartial and neutral referee between you and your former partner to help you make the right choices and decisions for you and your family. Our Louise Martin is a trained mediator who would be happy to assist.

  • Provide full financial disclosure

It is the usual practice before a financial agreement can be reached to provide financial disclosure. These details are exchanged with the other party. The Court takes a very dim view of parties dissipating or not disclosing financial assets. Full and frank financial disclosure is required.  We can assist you with what to produce and to prepare your financial disclosure if necessary.

  • The children come first

The Court will always give paramount importance to your children’s well-being when deciding financial matters in a divorce or indeed any contact arrangements after separation. It is essential to think about what is best for your children and put their needs first when going through your divorce.

  • Try and keep the lines of communication open

It is possible to communicate direct with your spouse during your divorce proceedings. Keeping the lines of communication open can be advantageous.  Try to communicate as neutral and open minded as possible. Try to explain reasoning.  This may assist when negotiating a financial settlement.  We understand however, that communication is just not an option in some circumstances and we can help to bridge those gaps.

At Onions & Davies Solicitors, we adopt a conciliatory manner and we endeavour to provide our clients with the best possible advice to reach a fair and reasonable settlement. Please contact our family law team on 01630 652405 or email us at we would be delighted to help you.


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