Solicitor, David Lago, talks about the organisation – Resolution – and what being a member means to him. – Severn Valley Business Group

Solicitor, David Lago, talks about the organisation – Resolution – and what being a member means to him.

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Resolution provides a code of “good practice” for Family Lawyers, for dealing with client, the “other side”, and/or their solicitors.

It provides a professional and non-confrontational, and conciliatory approach to managing the process of Family Law issues whether divorce-related; cohabitation breakdown, children or financial/property issues.

Resolution provide an information and resources website for clients or parties as well as Family Lawyers involved in separation/divorce and above issues.  “I often refer clients to the Resolution website and it is a very useful resource”. (

Resolution publish a professional “Good Practice” Guide for all aspects of our work.  Family Lawyers who follow the Code of Practice believe in constructive resolution of issues that arise when a couple or family split up.  This focuses attention on the best interests of the children, and an approach to Family Law that is sensitive, cost-effective and aimed to promote an agreed settlement of issues where possible.

“Being a proud member of Resolution provides me with an anchor for my professional role in giving advice and managing the process of a client’s case.  It may mean I sometimes give advice that a client is reluctant to hear; that I try not to exacerbate the anger or distress that come with relationship breakdown.

When a Resolution member on the other side, then I am confident we will both try to consider the parties and children involved and that respect for, or awareness of, their positions and circumstances is factored into discussion and advice with our respective clients.

Resolution has been a guiding light for all the years of my practice as a Family Solicitor.  My colleagues and I at Onions & Davies Solicitors abide by the Code of Practice and offer our clients a non-confrontational, calm and rational approach to resolving their issues.”

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