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Test Your Horticultural Knowledge

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Well we had a general knowledge quiz at the SVBG meeting on the 9th March so I thought it apt to put in a few horticultural questions for everyone to ponder over – just five!

Our brains in the general quiz were David Chill and Chris Milne, see how you get on with these guys and gals.

1) Lads Love, Artemisia abrotanum has several common names which of these is one?

  1. Northernwood
  2. Westernwood
  3. Southernwood

2) Potentilla is a well known shrub but to which family does it belong?

  1. Rosaceae
  2. Compositae
  3. Leguminosae

3)What soil warms up most quickly in the Springtime?

  1. Clay
  2. Peat
  3. Sandy

4) To simulate natural conditions for germination of seeds is called?

  1. Ratification
  2. Stratification
  3. Gratification

5) What is the purpose of root hairs?

  1. Water collection
  2. Anchor the plant to the ground
  3. Act as insulation for the root

That’s it folks no catch questions.


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