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Speeding up your PC

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Speeding up your PC

We all want faster PCs – a slow PC can lead to frustration and inefficient use of precious time!

Here are some straightforward tips to get the best out of your PC:

Don’t install lots of unnecessary software

  • Printer drivers – only install the basic driver, don’t install photo editing software, ink buying apps, network monitoring apps that the printer manufacturer includes.
  • Registry cleaners – always do more harm than good and don’t speed up your PC. You will sometimes see adverts for registry cleaners on various websites such as software download sites – don’t be tempted to click on them!
  • If you are installing some software to test or it’s a trial version of software, always remember to uninstall it.
  • Always uninstall software from Control Panel – deleting the relevant folders will not uninstall the software.
  • Don’t install more than one anti-virus program. In fact, consider not using anti-virus at all – this does rely on good user education, however.
  • Uninstall software that’s never used.
  • Check Windows start-up items to see if there’s anything that can be removed from start-up.
  • Ensure your backup is working correctly so you can go restore files should you get over zealous with file deletion!

Ensure that the system is running its clean-up tasks

  • Check that defrag is running regularly (only if you have a traditional mechanical disk – SSDs don’t fragment and running defrag will potentially shorten their lives!).
  • Run the Disk clean-up wizard every couple of months.

Consider Installing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

  •  A UPS will protect the PC from sudden power loss which should reduce the risk of disk corruption. This will in turn lead to a faster PC as the system doesn’t have to reallocate bad disk blocks.

Consider installing more RAM

  •  This will only help speed up a PC if you have lots of large programs open simultaneously.  4GB is sufficient for day to day office use.

Reduce the size of your email store

  •  The more email you have, the slower will be your email program – opening the program will be slower and searches will be slower.

Clean the dust out of the fan inlets and exhausts

  •  This will ensure that the CPU can reach its maximum operating speed without throttling down due to excess heat.

Replace the mechanical hard drive with an SSD (Solid State Disk)

  • Everything will feel faster
  • Boot times dramatically reduced
  • Program load times dramatically reduced
  • Internet browsing will feel faster
  • Accessing all files will be much faster
  • Potentially improved lifetime of the disk
  • Lighter and more power efficient in a laptop

Following these straightforward tips will ensure that your PC is running as efficiently as possible, leaving you more time to concentrate on running your business.



3 thoughts on “Speeding up your PC”

  1. bordercars bordercars says:

    Good info from a pro.
    This is now printed out and blue tacked to the wall over the desk..

  2. Great advice from a computer professional. Someone you can really trust.

  3. AnchorHandS AnchorHandS says:

    Used some of the tips following the presentation and yes it really works; well done Neb

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