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Is reinvention the solution?

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Reinvention Clock

Is the market in which you operate depressed? Are your competitors locking you out by reducing prices and are your clients and prospects looking for added value? Things are tough but consumers and businesses are still spending.

So, how can you get a slice of the action? How can you differentiate yourself from your competition? How can you get yourself noticed (for the right reasons)? How can you reassure your clients and influence your prospects?

Take a step back and look at how your customers, prospects and yes, your competitors see you. Should you batten down the hatches, bury your head in the sand and wait for the economy to change, or should you take the initiative and determine your own future.

You could make subtle changes to your visual identity. Maybe a new logo, redesigned stationery, re-skinned website, inventive vehicle livery or a fresh shop sign will create a positive impression of success and dynamism.

Take on a new product line, diversify and try looking for prospects in a different sector. Focus on a product different from the one you are known for. If you are a paint retailer, remind your customers you sell wallpaper.

Innovative modifications will reassure your customers that you are a forward-looking business – impress your prospects and confound your competitors. We all want to deal with successful people and businesses. If you look and act like a winner you will attract business. It is human nature.

You can do nothing and nothing will change. Make a small change and define your future for the better.

 Standing Still is Not an Option.

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