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Photography for Business

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Otherwise called commercial or Industrial photography can be defined as a process that takes place within or at the requirement of an industrial organisation to document a production process, products, work organisation, employees or the layout equipment or culture of an organisation.

It can cover a wide variety of images including still life for product photography, business portraits of employees, new machinery or processes and architectural interior and exterior.

But why do we need it? Our image is important, it is our identity that sets us apart form our competitors. How often have you purchased a product without seeing it first? “A picture paints a thousand words” I believe is the saying. In a shop we can see the product, touch it smell it, what ever floats you boat, but when on line all we can do is see a picture and text. It is for this reason that the picture needs to attract the viewer to read the text.

Commercial photography is perceived to be  eye wateringly expensive, commercial studios are used by large organisations with large budgets and if you want a slot in the schedule you will pay for it. But it dose not need to be this way. New technology and portable equipment will now allow the photographer to travel and it is possible to offer a more personal service at a price that wont break your budget.

Douglas Anderson.

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