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He who Knows The Cost of Everything – Knows The Value Of Nothing!

I have been surprised to learn that recently one or two schools we’ve visited, have mooted to us and the flooring manufacturers that, they may attempt to install the floors themselves as opposed to using a flooring contractor, in an effort to save money. When I asked the site manager at one particular school I was visiting, how he intended to adhere the safety vinyl to the sub-floor, he informed me that, double sided tape would be the most probable option. It was a bit of a shock I must admit but this is an example of the lengths some schools will go to just to save a few quid.

I don’t think they were aware that safety flooring is one of the most challenging types to install due to many factors, least of all sub – floor prep.

I had a brief discussion with the Head and site manger and explained that this wasn’t a good idea and that they would end up doing the job again after it failed and that it would not be a case of if but when…needless to say, we never did get the job!

I should have quoted the old cliche to them both, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur!” but I didn’t think they’d get it…

There’s a double edged Sword here; as it’s quite alarming, when you consider a child’s safety is being compromised for a shortsighted gain but also later a financial pain.

We at Mercian are accredited with Constructionline and also registered with the Chas Health & Safety scheme and have a team of qualified flooring professionals along with UKATA Asbestos awareness certificates coupled with many years of experience laying floor coverings. This experience sets us apart from many others and is vital in the process of successfully installing a new floor.

In my experience, I’m pleased to say that, the majority of schools adopt the correct approach and appoint us or other bona fide flooring contractors to carry out such works.

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  1. James Williams

    Disappointing that businesses and schools still don’t appreciate the wisdom of professional advice. ‘Buy cheap – buy twice’.

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