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Eureka- Andy Baker

In 2005 I set up Eureka Financial Solutions with my business partner Penny Wemyss based in Stourport-on-Severn. The business has grown substantially since then and we have advisers in the Midlands, South West and also Scotland. I am fully trained and qualified to give professional Financial Advice including, Mortgages, Insurance, Investments and Pensions. My aim is to help personal and business clients with all areas of Financial Planning, ensuring that with my Experience and Expertise, they can meet their Individual and Business goals. I also do voluntary work in my spare time as the Vice Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses for Worcestershire.

For The Life You Don’t Yet Know

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Life can very often throw us a curve ball and you never know…

When your going to die:

Zurich had 1,779 death claims in 2016 and paid out 98% of these claims totaling a benefit amount of £151,710,069*

If you are going to get a critical illness:

Zurich had 875 critical illness claims in 2016 and paid out 90% of these claims totaling a benefit amount of £63,246,707*

If you’ll lose your business/income:

Zurich had 91 income protection claims in 2016 and paid out 85% of these claims totaling a benefit amount of £9,577,000*

Paul and his story:

The only thing you can know is how to protect you and your family financially

If you are interested in talking to us about protection, give us a call:

*Information retrieved from Zurich ‘2016 Claim Statistics’


You have spent many years building up your business and clients. So the big question is How Do You Keep Them?

Starting from the beginning you would-

Identify how your business would attract customers, analyse the wants and needs of any customers, evaluate how to attract customers to your business, offer strong customer service, have a Brand Awareness, research the market and then look after your customers!

It’s all about Strategies- Set customer expectations (don’t Overpromise), Be the Expert and build trust through relationships. Ensure you build your Key Performance Indicators around Customer Service and follow up with Customer Feedback Surveys- Go above and Beyond.

Ensure once you have built up a client bank, you use it effectively. It is so important to have a form of Client Management System, allowing you to easily update them with your latest offers, services or products. (example- )

Be seen! Pens, Post it notes, Bags, keyrings, you name it they are all available for you to give to your clients/customers. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and that your clients/customers feel special. (have a look at )

Don’t forget to follow up with something as simple as a card- A Thank you for your business card, A Welcome to your New Home card, just make it relevant to your business and your clients/customers.

And what about Social Media? If you are doing it make sure it is up to date and relevant. Be careful what you say, as you may lose clients by saying the wrong thing when you have had a beverage or two!

Finally, look after your clients and they will look after you. Make them feel special and wanted.

Good Luck!

Andy Baker- Partner- Eureka Financial Solutions



Registering your brand could be one of the most important things your do for your business. Ever wondered what you would do if someone took your brand and identity away? Would you start again? or maybe cobble together what’s left?

If your like Eureka then you wouldn’t want that to be your only option. In the last 10 years, Eureka has been building a strong and professional brand that can be recognised through out the local communities not just here but around the country.



Eureka now has over 15 different ways in which to promote brand awareness. These include the website, pens, ‘post it’ notes, 3 x social media sites, literature and many more.

Leaflets     Stationary    SVBGStand

As well as using the brand for promotional aspects and literature, as shown above, Eureka also uses the branding to enable sponsorship of events and local teams.

Eureka2    WorcsWarriorsPic   Sponsorship

Any company can use the ™ sign on any unregistered mark that they use for trade. However, they can only use the ® sign on the mark once it has been registered. It is illegal to use this sign on an unregistered mark.  So, how do you do it? You could do it yourself through the National Trademark Office or you could instruct an Intellectual Property Law firm to go through the process of registering your business name and brand.

It can be a costly process but in the grand scheme of things what would cost more? A law firm that would protect you and your business brand or the overall cost of re-branding?


Stourport War Memorial Park – Kick Panel

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Firstly, thank you all that were present at the meeting for allowing us to discuss the opportunity of sponsoring the ‘Kick Panel’ for the Stourport War Memorial Park.

For everyone that wasn’t there this morning, this is what we are talking about:


For more information please contact Andy Baker on 07885 036 035 or



Eureka FS Full Logo

Financial services can be a tricky business to get your head around. At Eureka Financial Solutions we have started to use several social media sites including Facebook and Twitter to send out news articles and ‘Top Tips’ about the current issues and topics.

In the last couple of weeks we have heard and read about some interesting articles including Contactless Card limits being increased, House prices ‘bouncing back’ in January and Legal & General entering the market of equity release.

Here’s a selection of the the news articles that we have shared over the last couple of weeks:



Follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Linkedin and like us on Facebook to get the latest updates and current articles with the financial services.

Thanks from all at Eureka Financial Solutions.


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