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e64 makes the web work for your business You know what you want from your website and exactly what it means for your business, but like so many other UK companies you may have experienced what it’s like working with web developers that are slow and unresponsive, or don’t even know how to do what you want. We’ll show you what it’s like to have a professional, knowledgeable and experienced web development agency at your side. We pride ourselves in problem solving and our talent for invention, and we put that to work for you. That’s what you’ll get from us; passion, commitment and dedication. What this gives you is confidence you get the right solution for your business and its future opportunities.

In case you need some encouragement to join the mobile world, or a few additional incentives to bite the bullet and update your website so it supports mobile, I have compiled these 6 compelling reasons.


Just before we jump in, let me clarify what I mean when I say your website should support mobile devices. I don’t just mean a website that can be ‘viewed’ on a mobile device without falling over, I’m saying that the content and navigation for a mobile website should be specifically designed and presented to be easily readable, with finger-friendly navigation and simple dedicated layouts for the small screen.

Google penalises non-mobile friendly websites

With the country fast being a mobile obsessed nation, Google recognises that you don’t just need a computer to surf the internet anymore and because of this reason Google are less likely to display your website as legitimate if it isn’t mobile ready; and you run the risk of disappearing from the search results. Google started making changes in April, so what are you waiting for.

You will lose business if you don’t go mobile

The UK is number one in the world for mobile internet usage, even ahead of tech-hungry Japan. More people these days first reach for their mobile when looking for websites, often creating a shortlist for further reading on their desktops or laptops. This means if you’re not on the list, you’re genuinely losing opportunities. So these small devices are becoming major tools in business. In fact, mobile internet usage in the UK now exceeds desktop browsing making a mobile website an essential tool.

It’s what your customers want

Increasingly, your customers are not sitting front of desktops or laptops anymore. Instead, they’re on the go, and they are accessing your website from their mobile devices whilst on the train, watching TV or even on the toilet! They want to be able to view your website when they want to, there and then no matter where they are. If you don’t give your customers what they want they will go elsewhere.

Your competition already has one, or they don’t

Either your competition has already gone mobile and will now be getting more traffic to their website than you, in which case they will also be giving those visitors a better experience on their site. Now, you wouldn’t send a customer out of your tired old shop and direct them to a competitor’s purpose build modern establishment, so don’t do the same online – have a refurb and catch up with your competitors before it’s too late.

Alternatively your competitors don’t already have a mobile-ready website, in which case this is your opportunity to get ahead of them on Google, show the visitors a much better experience and be seen as the market leader in your industry, and who wouldn’t want to get ahead of the competition so easily?

A mobile website offers better user engagement

Whether your site is eCommerce or brochure, you want to make browsing easy for your customer. With mobiles having click to call features your customer can call you straight away with no hassle. Having a mobile site not just your desktop site viewed on mobile makes it so much easier for you customer to be able to browse without having to pinch and zoom to read the content.

You reach a larger audience

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and use it to search the internet. If your website is only visible to those who use their desktops or laptops you are cutting out a huge portion of the population which could be potential customers, surely you want to reach as many people as possible not stop them.


e64 Infomail Series

Each month we publish a new infomail on topics designed to help your business get the most from your website that it can.

We keep these infomails brief and to the point – we all get too many ‘wordy’ emails as it is – however that doesn’t mean they are not important; we wouldn’t work so hard on these unless they were important to your business.

To subscribe to our infomail list and receive these short, but fundamental tips on who to improve the business you get from your website just email with the subject of “e64 Infomail”


e64 is all grown and wearing long trousers

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e64 10th Anniversary Celebration

I can hardly believe it, but e64 is now 10 years old!

We’re so proud to have reached this milestone, but of course we would not have done it without the support and loyalty of all our customers, so I must say a really big THANK YOU to you all. It’s been fantastic to be able to work with you on your projects and business ventures, and build so many long term relationships.

In the past few years we’ve been growing rapidly to keep up with everything you’ve been asking us to do – which has brought its challenges but, as they say, they’ve been nice challenges to have. At present, there are nine of us in the team; we’re looking to take on one more person in the near future, with the further possibility of a few more later this year. For me, I see this growth as a reflection of the success you are all having, and it’s through your success that we’ve been able to grow and continue to support you developing your online business. Despite the current economic climate, we’ve been very fortunate at e64 to be working with customers who have been able to adapt and grow, giving us the opportunity to support you with updates and bespoke development work. It has actually been a vibrant and exciting time to be online.

So how are we celebrating this milestone? In truth, it has sneaked up on us a bit as our key focus is always to look at how we can further improve our service, our products and our support. That said, as you’d expect, we do have a couple things we’re planning and we will be launching them on Wednesday 12 June. They are as follows:

We’re going .com

On our launch date (12 June) we’ll be switching over to use as our main domain: our website, email, everything will use We’re making this change to reflect the increase in requests we’re seeing for international projects, and multi-currency and multi-lingual websites. This should not have much day-to-day impact on anything, although we do ask everyone to check that is added to their email white-lists, so our emails still get through, and don’t worry, the website and emails will continue to work or will automatically redirect to the .com versions.

A new website

Well you wouldn’t expect anything else, would you? We’re revamping our website with a fresh look and feel, we’ve also updated the content and added a new section called the Playground where you can have a play with some of the cool, fun things we can add to your websites. We’ll let you know more about this soon, but make sure you take a look when it goes live on June 12th, to see if anything grabs your imagination.

More phone lines, and direct dial numbers

To keep making it even easier to get hold of the right person in e64 we’re rolling out Direct Dial DDI numbers. This will replace the “extension number” approach we have in place at the moment, and each of our email signatures will carry our individual phone number. You’ll still be able to use the main number to dial in as you currently do, but if there is a team member you’re calling frequently, why not phone them direct?

We’ll update you all nearer the time to remind you about these changes as they happen. In the meantime, I’ll just say again how happy we all are to be working with such great customers and on so many exciting projects.

Thank you.

Simon Collingridge
Managing Director
e64 Limited



e64 is now a Google AdWords Certified Partner

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e64 has been managing AdWords accounts for their customers for many years and currently we manage in excess of £2.8m advertising spend per year through the Google AdWords program.

In recognition of this, and the skills and expertise we have developed during this time, we have gone through the accreditation process with Google and are now Google AdWords Certified Partners. As part of this one of our team, Kyle Williams has become individually qualified in Search Marketing.

Although our existing customers already know our expertise with AdWords, this means we have been certified by Google as a professional online marketing agency who can effectively manage, analyse and optimise AdWords campaigns to be the most effective they can be.

Google AdWords Certified Partners must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing exams, and must meet all Google’s own qualification requirements. These requirements ensure we demonstrate not just our understanding of the Google AdWords system, but also how to best use AdWords to achieve any given set of goals.

If you would like more information about using Google AdWords to extend your reach, or any other aspect of Search Engine Marketing call us on 01299 400797, visit or email


eLink64 – the premium link building service from e64

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eLink64 System

Over the years we have developed a wealth of experience in building links and connections to help boost websites on the Search Engines. Using our experience we have developed our innovative and effective link building system, eLink64.

eLink64 allows us to generate a powerful link profile for your website that search engines like Google pick up and use to raise your site’s authority, and so rank it higher for the search terms that matter.

Link Diversity

We use a combination of site types to build this profile, gaining links from established Blogs, Web 2.0 (interactive sites like Facebook and MySpace), Article Directories, Social Media Links (Twitter, Wiki sites etc.) and Social Bookmarking sites (e.g. Delicious and Digg). The graphic below represents how we use each type of site to either link directly to your website, or link to those links and boost their strength. The diversity of links strengthens the profile of your site.


eLink64 Link Diversity Overview

Three Tier Linking

To really make these links work for your website, we make them work for each other in a three tier structure (as shown in the previous diagram). We use links from the established blogs, social bookmarking and social media sites as tier 1 links that link directly to your website.

We then create links from Web 2.0 sites, Article Directories and Forums to link to those pages on the tier 1 websites where we have placed the links to your website. In doing this we are building the strength of those links to your site. We then further build the weight of the tier 2 links by using a third tier which link to the pages where the tier 2 links were placed.

This creates a network of links, and interlinks where the most powerful type of sites link directly to your website, which are boosted in strength by links we have created in a network of cross‑linking from a diverse and wide range of website styles and content. The result is a flow of links that gain strength and power from each other and so boost your website’s ranking for the chosen targeted keywords on the search engines. With eLink64, these links are generated each month, every month.

eLink64 Link Network

The diagram below represents the link network eLink64 generates, and shows how the interlinking strategy of this system generates a highly effective link profile for your website.

eLink64 Generated Link Profile

RSS Feeds and Site Pinging

An important element of eLink64 is that it not just creates the links, it uses a combination of RSS feeds and ‘ping’ services, as provided by Google and other search engines.

The search engines provide ping services to allow websites to alert them of new website and pages so they can index the content quicker. eLink64 uses these services to ensure that each link created is found quickly by the search engines, and so starts to benefit your website sooner rather than later.

Monthly Reporting

Each month we provide you with a spreadsheet of all the links eLink64 has generated, each link will be live so you can check them out and see how your link profile is growing each month.

You should note though that on its own eLink64 will not have the full desired effect, and your website will also need to be fully search engine optimised for the same terms that eLink64 targets.

Search Engine Optimisation

As mentioned in the previous section, to make sure your site gains the maximum benefits from eLink64 your site needs to be fully optimised for the chosen search terms. Our Website Promotion service, often called Search Engine Optimisation, looks at building your website’s ranking and visibility on the main listings with the major Search Engines.

To make sure your website gains the maximum benefit from eLink64, there are two activities we would complete, which are explained in more detail later in this document.

  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Web Page Optimisation

The overall aim for your website is to achieve great rankings in the free listings on the main Search Engines. By presenting your website in a certain way, tweaking your pages’ content as well as managing other activities, we can ensure your website will rank well for the chosen search terms. The benefit of using e64 is that we only research and recommend terms that will have a direct benefit to your bottom line. The two specific activities we recommend to compliment eLink64 are:

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

We can conduct comprehensive keyword research and analysis to identify the main search phrases the website should target. By analysing the search terms actually being used in over 350 million recent live searches this ensures the website is targeted to attract high numbers of suitable visitors.

During this stage we also assess how competitive each keyword is by looking at how many other web pages are specifically targeting them. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate keywords to use in the website and supply a report showing the predicated number of visitors you could receive if you were in the top three to five websites listed for each particular search term.

Web Page Optimisation

Once the most effective and popular keywords for the website have been selected, suitable pages should be worded to reflect them. Not all pages of a website need to be optimised and the overall number selected is dependent on the results from the keyword research and discussions about those results with the client.

As part of this stage, both the technical and visual design of the site is also reviewed as these help gain higher rankings and more importantly, higher conversion rates for your site.

Pages from the site are then selected and recommended for optimisation, once it has been agreed which pages will be optimised we will optimise the existing copy and submit the changes for your review. If new pages are to be optimised we would require the initial copy for us to optimise.


Updated Guide for Compliance with Cookie Legislation

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Back in May 2011 new legislation was announced that had a direct impact on all websites in the EU that use cookies. This legislation required that permission from the visitor was sought before the cookie was placed in their computer, and this was being managed the the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who had announced that they would allow a 12 month grace period for websites to comply with the new legislation; this grace period ends in May 2012.

In December the ICO published a mid term report highlighting that very few websites had started planning their compliance and at the same time the issued an updated guide to the new legislation that clarified what websites need to do to become compliant.

Many website owners may not even realise their sites use cookies, however in most cases they will, and many commonplace services require these, such as Google Analytics,  eCommerce Shopping Baskets, login information with a “Remember Me” check box etc. all use cookies to record information.

e64 have been reviewing this legislation and will be producing a package for all their customers to ensure their websites comply and we will be contacting all our customers to ensure their websites are compliant. However we can also help anyone else who owns a website and need to ensure it too is compliant and we have developed a very easy to use add-on that we can incorporate easily into any website, for more information about this package please contact e64.


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