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2016/17 Presentation Programme

What is coming up over the next few months?

Date Subject Presenter
17/06/2016 Keep smiling – staying motivated Paul Marshall
01/07/2016 Customer Service Excellence Steve Hughes
15/07/2016 Email marketing James Williams
05/08/2016 How to differentiate on value not price Jamie Painter
19/08/2016 The Secret to Successful Networking Caroline Griggs
02/09/2016 The Decision Making Process Peter Simmons
16/09/2016 Risk and Your Business Clive Ankers
07/10/2016 Random Member Spotlights Group Session
21/10/2016 Out of Site, out of Mind! Dan Barnes
11/11/2016 Me.. Myself and I Adrian Goodaker
18/11/2016 Diversity and Change Angus Lees
02/12/2016 Trusts for Dummies Chris Milne
16/12/2016 SVBG Christmas Breakfast Christmas
06/01/2017 Success is NOT to be pursued; it is to be attracted………….. Yuliya Preslytska
20/01/2017 Image and Reputation Douglas Anderson
03/02/2017 Do’s and don’t s of a fast PC Neb Shewayish
17/02/2017 Eat that Frog! Richard Ashmore
03/03/2017 Nuggets from the Plant Nursery Bill White
24/03/2017 A small step for a Business card a giant leap for Marketing David Chill
07/04/2017 The right personality for the job at hand David Winter
21/04/2017 Is there anyone on board who can fly a plane? John Russell
05/05/2017 The Life you don’t yet Know Andrew Baker
26/05/2017 Goals Gemma Taylor-Robinson
02/06/2017 Visitor 10 minute Highlights Group Session
16/06/2017 GDPR – What do we all need to know? James Williams
07/07/2017 Robbing the old to give to the young Jane Price
21/07/2017 Which hat do you wear in “The Cloud”? David Willett
04/08/2017 Are You an UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENT ? John Sheldon
18/08/2017 Using the SVBG Website Group Session
01/09/2017 Electrical safety in the work place Phil Mills
15/09/2017 Investing in the Stock Market Rupert Harvey
06/10/2017 Brainstorming Group Session
20/10/2017 It’s all about the aloe Adrienne Potter
03/11/2017 The Business Doctor is in! Group Session
17/11/2017 First Impressions Jan Winter
01/12/2017 The Good the Bad & the Ugly carpet Andy Youngjohns
15/12/2017 SVBG Christmas Breakfast Christmas

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