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2018/19 Presentation Programme

What is coming up over the next few months?

03/05/2019TBAShelley Jackson-Woodall

Date Subject Presenter
05/01/2018 It’s a lottery Group
19/01/2018 Arboricultural tools and equipment and basic tree felling operations John Russell
02/02/2018 The Perfect Client Dan Barnes
16/02/2018 Working with an Investment Manager Rupert Harvey
02/03/2018 Quizmaster Bill White
23/03/2018 My life in 10 pencils! Paul Marshall
06/04/2018 Being a Trustee Peter Simmons
20/04/2018 Life – what an adventure! Jackie Ward
04/05/2018 May the ‘Fourth’ be with you! Richard Ashmore
25/05/2018 1-2-1 Sessions Group
01/06/2018 10 Minute Focus Group
15/06/2018 Flexible working…. Recruiting talent David Willett
06/07/2018 1-2-1 Sessions Group
20/07/2018 Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps! Jan Winter
03/08/2018 The life you don’t yet know! Andrew Baker
17/08/2018 TBA Jane Price
07/09/2018 TBA Andy Youngjohns
28/09/2018 Reputation is everything David Winter
05/10/2018 Fire Safety Failures that caused a tragedy Clive Ankers
19/10/2018 TBA John Sheldon
02/11/2018 TBA David Chill
16/11/2018 TBA Chris Milne
07/12/2018 TBA Phil Mills
21/12/2018 SVBG Christmas Breakfast Group
04/01/2019 TBA Doug Anderson
18/01/2019 AI & U Neb Shewayish
01/02/2019 How to write a Pop Song James Williams
15/02/2019 TBA Angus Lees
01/03/2019 Pole Power Adrienne Potter
15/03/2019 TBA June Williamson
05/04/2019 TBA Alan Williamson
19/04/2019 TBA Phil Brown

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