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Presentations 2019/2020
Date Presenter Title
1st Meeting July 2019 Group
2nd Meeting July Neb Shewayish Wot – No Wi-Fi?
1st Meeting August Clive Ankers Training – “Inside out”
2nd Meeting August Adrienne Potter Happiness
1st Meeting September Dave Winter DISCover who you are dealing with
2nd Meeting September 1-2-1
1st Meeting October Group
2nd Meeting October Stavros Michaelides
1st Meeting November Dan Barnes
2nd Meeting November Bill White Christmas Wreath Making
1st Meeting December Richard Ashmore
2nd Meeting December Christmas Party
1st Meeting January 2020 Group Goal Setting
2nd Meeting January Neill Hall
1st Meeting February Phil Brown
2nd Meeting February Chris Milne
1st Meeting March June Williamson
2nd Meeting March Group
1st Meeting April Martin Hanney
2nd Meeting April Jan Winter
1st Meeting May Charlotte Leigh
2nd Meeting May Andy Baker
1st Meeting June David Chill
2nd Meeting June Paul Marshall
1st Meeting July John Sheldon
2nd Meeting July Karen Henley
1st Meeting August Sharon Southcott
2nd Meeting August John Russell
1st Meeting September Phil Mills
2nd Meeting September Doug Anderson
1st Meeting October Andy Youngjohns
2nd Meeting October 1-2-1
1st Meeting November Angus Lees
2nd Meeting November
1st Meeting December
2nd Meeting December Christmas Party

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