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Feel Better From the Inside Out

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Start the wave…then ride it.

Ever have those moments when you want to start a job but don’t actually know where to start?

…You and me both!

Getting myself back in to a healthy eating routine is one of those jobs.

I don’t know about you but I find it incredibly frustrating at times and end up wasting far too much time procrastinating rather than being proactive.

What I have found t hat works for me is sitting down and creating a plan of action (or writing on e of my many lists) I do find it makes for far more efficiency.

Once we start to ride the wave however, the process becomes a whole lot easier and things generally start to flow in an almost cathartic way .


Get Balanced

Now I am not saying that my body is a temple by any stretch of the imagination, but I have managed to strike that balance between indulgence and overindulgence .

Having faced a major health challenge in recent years , have gone from being really rather blasé about the whole thing, to paying far more attention and realising that it isn’t just the activity we do, it ’s also how we treat the inside that affects how the rest of the body and mind react.

Food Mood Relationship

Little did I know, until recently, that 90% of the body’s serotonin (happy hormone) is based in the gut. This is one of the reasons that a healthy balanced gut is a happy gut and in turn a happy mind.

By reducing caffeine, sugary foods, bad fats and increasing the good fats, natural sugars and water intake we can help lift our mood, reduce sugar spikes, help with food intolerance and weight management all in one hit.

Society is becoming more aware of health and wellness, we are living much longer than our ancestors, and as such want a better quality of life…this is now showing in industry, with the Health & Wellness sector set to be the next trillion $ industry.


Eating Habits

 For many of us, the relationship with food is that of laziness. It’s easy to reach in to the cupboard for a snack bar, cupcake or a savory …far easier than nipping to the shop on every couple of days to grab some fresh fruit or some vegetable stick.

This is where we have to be organised and pull that to do list back out, grab yourself some of your favourite fruit, pull out the blender or the juicer and get blending. It is so easy to blend and pop it in the freezer. Grab it out of the freezer before you go to work, by the time mid morning comes you can reach for that smoothie rather than the processed sugar – get a natural high rather than a sugar spike. Mixed with the right fluids it will leave you feeling fuller for longer and less lethargic throughout the day.

There are some great protein shakes out there too that will add to the nutritional content and calories so that the body is still getting sufficient throughout the day .

 The important thing to remember now though, is not to reach for the dinner ding or the takeaway menu when you get home – don’t undo all that hard work now. There are so many meals that are quick and easy to make these days and with slow cookers it’s so easy to throw a few things in the pot the night before and have a great tasting dinner when you get home or throw something in to stir fry and it will be ready in minutes.


 Great, so now you’ve looked at what you’re eating and how you’re eating , so let’s take a look at one of the ways we can get the best out of the nutrients in your food.
 Aloe Vera, not sold for its taste I can tell you, but for a plant that has been used for its health benefits for over 4,000 years I think it ’ s fair to say that it has earned its place in the nutritional supplements market.

For those of you, w ho like me up until 3 years ago, don’t know , yes you really can drink aloe vera gel.

So, how can Aloe Vera Gel help us?

• Packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

• Natural antibacterial

• Natural skin cell regenerator

• Natural cleanser

• PH balanced

• Adaptogen

• Strengthens the immune system

• Aids absorption

“As an adaptogen , Aloe Vera can help the body adapt, reducing bl ood pressure, strengthening the immune system, calming inflammation and help balance blood ”

“It’s all about the aloe…”

Well, that’s my usual response to the compliments I receive about how well I look, but this is about you…not me.

As w ith anything in life, to see results you have to be consistent.

You wouldn’t go to the gym and after 48 hours expect to come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger or have a bum like Kylie now would you!

However, you would expect to see results within around 6 – 8 weeks, and when it comes to nutrition and diet it is no different, the body needs time to adapt, shed the bad cells and welcome in the new.

By making subtle changes (if they’re needed that is) to your diet you will start to notice eating habits begin to change naturally as you feel fuller for longer . Sugar cravings reduce, then by adding a little more activity you can create improved energy levels and less mid afternoon lulls. A dd in a supplement that will help the body to cleanse the digestive tract, increase serotonin levels and maybe even contribute to the reduction of food intolerance by unclogging the conveyor belt and you’re starting to feel much better, and all from the inside out.


The Trigger

We all need a start point, but sometimes we need a kick start or even a trigger that is strong enough for us to take that first step.

 What will your trigger point be?

Step off the merry – go – round of life for just 5 minutes and ask yourself …

• How do I feel today?

• Did I sleep ok last night?

• How is my skin looking?

• What are my energy levels like?

• How clean is my diet?

• Do I drink too much caffeine?

Do you feel, lethargic, bloated, lacking energy, is your skin dull or sallow?

How would feel if you didn’t have any of these symptoms?

I would love to hear from you.

For me, it was the Cancer…or rather it was the treatment tha t was my trigger point . I felt tired, bloated, and lifeless. My skin was dry and dull and as for my digestive system, best we don’t go there.


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