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Customer Retention & How do you retain them?

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You have spent many years building up your business and clients. So the big question is How Do You Keep Them?

Starting from the beginning you would-

Identify how your business would attract customers, analyse the wants and needs of any customers, evaluate how to attract customers to your business, offer strong customer service, have a Brand Awareness, research the market and then look after your customers!

It’s all about Strategies- Set customer expectations (don’t Overpromise), Be the Expert and build trust through relationships. Ensure you build your Key Performance Indicators around Customer Service and follow up with Customer Feedback Surveys- Go above and Beyond.

Ensure once you have built up a client bank, you use it effectively. It is so important to have a form of Client Management System, allowing you to easily update them with your latest offers, services or products. (example- )

Be seen! Pens, Post it notes, Bags, keyrings, you name it they are all available for you to give to your clients/customers. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and that your clients/customers feel special. (have a look at )

Don’t forget to follow up with something as simple as a card- A Thank you for your business card, A Welcome to your New Home card, just make it relevant to your business and your clients/customers.

And what about Social Media? If you are doing it make sure it is up to date and relevant. Be careful what you say, as you may lose clients by saying the wrong thing when you have had a beverage or two!

Finally, look after your clients and they will look after you. Make them feel special and wanted.

Good Luck!

Andy Baker- Partner- Eureka Financial Solutions


2 thoughts on “Customer Retention & How do you retain them?”

  1. Great advice Andy. On average, it costs five times more to acquire a new client compared to retaining an existing one and existing customers are more likely to buy again or recommend you to others. You still need new clients to grow your business but existing ones are valuable assets.

  2. Recognition says:

    Andy, couldn’t agree more, it’s all about raising brand awareness of your company, creating an image of credibility, trustworthiness & the ethos that your company is forward thinking & pro-active. So: Be seen! Pens, Post it notes, Bags, keyrings!!!

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